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Vacant Eye

They see me. I see them. But they don’t know.   The children fuss over presents. Relatives sit in armchairs at the periphery of the room. Chatting, drinking, dozing.   I hear them. But they don’t know.   The woman… Continue Reading →

Radio Silence

Starting an internet radio station which broadcast only silence was his way of finding relaxation. Accessible from anywhere, he could log on whenever he needed a moment’s respite from the daily turmoils. Plug in the earbuds, and tune out of… Continue Reading →


The code started off pretty simple. But typically for this sort of thing, it expanded and mutated as new ideas occurred to him. Those in turn opened his mind to further possibilities. The social media element took a good chunk… Continue Reading →

Destiny Fades

Eve finished work and walked down to the tube station, exactly as she had done a thousand times or more. She went through the barriers, along the halls, and down the stairs in the flow of her fellow commuters. Her shoulder-bag’s… Continue Reading →


 I met Bert by chance, a few days after the season started. I was wandering back to the digs the leisure resort’s management had provided for the summer staff, when I noticed a pall of grey smoke pouring out of… Continue Reading →

Dreams of Girls and Dust

The ambient lighting was about halfway through its wake-up sequence when I opened my eyes. Waiting for its simulation of a bright spring morning could have bought me another few minutes, but I’d done enough sleeping lately to last a… Continue Reading →

Basin Blues

I swung the amphi-boat out from the jetty, took a shallow arc to port, and cranked her up when she was lining up just right. On cue, she responded, rising up slightly out of the water, fishtailing gently and then… Continue Reading →

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