• Born 1970
  • Grew up in the UK, Belgium, France, and the US
  • Works as a systems guy at a science organisation
  • Writes stuff
  • Appreciates any feedback – good, bad, or indifferent


  1. Duncan says:

    Hi – I found you through the guardian comments page. Just spent my lunchtime reading all your stories. They’re all very good – especially the tube story and the one about the dust. That should definitely be expanded.
    Well done!

    • Chris Bardell says:

      Hi Duncan, thanks so much for your very encouraging comments!

      Sorry for my late response; I think my notification settings are a bit off, and I hadn’t realised I’d received your comment.

      Please do check back at some point. I’m hoping to expand this whole thing in the coming months, and dedicate a lot more time to writing.

      Thanks again, made my day. All the best.

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