• Born 1970
  • Grew up in the UK, Belgium, France, and the US
  • Works as a systems guy at a science organisation
  • Writes stuff
  • Appreciates any feedback – good, bad, or indifferent
2 thoughts on “About
  1. Hi – I found you through the guardian comments page. Just spent my lunchtime reading all your stories. They’re all very good – especially the tube story and the one about the dust. That should definitely be expanded.
    Well done!

    1. Hi Duncan, thanks so much for your very encouraging comments!

      Sorry for my late response; I think my notification settings are a bit off, and I hadn’t realised I’d received your comment.

      Please do check back at some point. I’m hoping to expand this whole thing in the coming months, and dedicate a lot more time to writing.

      Thanks again, made my day. All the best.

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